Chapter Chair

Chapter Chair: Adam Sweeney Our chapter chair provides a vision for our chapter, plans and develops strategies to guide our programs and campaigns and motivate our members to take action toward our common climate defense goals. They work with The Climate Reality Project headquarters to ensure that our objectives and strategies are consistent with global goals while taking action at the local, state and federal levels. Executive Team Leader: Glen Garfunkel Our Executive Support Team provides valuable support to the extensive requirements of the Chair responsibilities and increases chapter effectiveness. How You Can Contribute
  • Work on member engagement for specific needs that are on-going and also arise as one-off needs.
  • Support the creation of chapter events, including the monthly chapter meeting.
  • Miscellaneous chapter administration requirements, including organization of chapter data and research on various climate change topics.

Chapter Campaigns and Programs

Chapter program directors play a crucial role in achieving our chapter’s mission and goals. Our leaders are at the forefront of the fight against climate change:
  • Building awareness of climate change among the public, focusing on both challenges and solutions.
  • Influencing legislation and public policy at local, state and federal levels.
  • Creating opportunities for members to take action, from reducing their carbon footprint to taking citizen action.
  • Building collaborative relationships with other like-minded climate defense organizations.
You can support the crucial work they do by volunteering to work with them on a program. To achieve our goal to protect ourselves and the planet from climate change, we need all hands on board!


Co-Directors: Deborah Warner & Bob Brightburn Our Communications team focus is divided into four categories: email communications, social media, traditional media outreach, and our website. Our focus is to keep chapter members engaged and active, inform and educate our followers with content that is actionable and inspiring, and provide thoughtful and informative commentary to the general public via traditional media outlets. Our subscriber base email communications include: a monthly Chapter newsletter, timely legislative alerts, and event announcements. Our social media platforms have grown dramatically in 2021, with a quintupling off Instagram followers and steady growth of our public Facebook followers and Private Facebook members. Our traditional media outreach consists of monthly OpEds and Climate columns, written by Erin Zimmerman, as well as a growing number of Letters-to-the-Editor by chapter members. In addition to our direct outreach to build awareness and support for Climate defense and justice, we also use our communication tools and efforts to support the goals and objectives of each of our Silicon Valley Chapter programs including the Speakers Bureau, Legislation and Policy, Decarbonization Action, Silicon Valley Family and Membership Engagement. How You Can Contribute
  • Help manage our Instagram account and Facebook pages by creating fresh, timely posts about interesting climate events, happenings and issues.
  • Build lists of media contacts for outreach to help us pitch climate change stories.
  • Write letters-to-the editor and op-eds.
  • Help develop and deliver communication workshops for LTE and OpEd writing, social media, short video creation and more.

Decarbonization Action

Director: Elaine Lee The Decarbonization Action campaign’s goal is to mitigate climate change by encouraging consumers and businesses to take action to reduce emissions from carbon and other greenhouse gasses (GHG). We are also committed to working towards a just transition to clean energy and GHG reduction to nurture healthy and sustainable communities and ecosystems. Our work encompasses education to build awareness about the important role that reducing emissions from buildings, transportation and other sources plays in climate defense; to create and support ways for consumers and businesses to integrate emission control into their lives and business plans; and to collaborate with other organizations that have established programs to address emission reduction, such as the adoption of all-electric. How You Can Contribute
  • Join the Decarbonization Action team to make a measurable impact on our Bay Area emissions reduction.
  • Work to add the list of local companies willing to add sustainability actions to their governance efforts.
  • Support our outreach to individuals and organizations regarding emission control which includes doing formal and informal presentations to individuals and groups.
  • Manage a collaborative relationship with a sustainable organization.
  • Track educational opportunities developed by other organizations.
  • Becoming a “Switch Is On” ambassador representative for the chapter.
  • Research and report on topics vital to effective emission control.
  • And other fascinating ways to volunteer both on-going or one-off.

Legislation and Public Policy

Co-Directors: Glen Garfunkel and Adam Sweeney Our mission is to drive urgent action at the local, regional, and state levels of government to promote and support climate change related legislation and policies for sustainable communities and ecosystems. We do this by informing and educating members about pending legislation and policies to drive their support and action. As a result, our members have been active and effective in influencing legislation and policy decision-making: writing letters to the editor, attending and commenting at City Council and government committee meetings, sending letters and petitions to government officials, participating in Climate marches, making phone calls, sending emails, posting to social media, and more. As an organization, we also work to build strong relationships with elected officials and policy leaders, including meeting with elected officials to support very targeted policy and legislation that reduces emissions. How You Can Contribute
  • Track bills.
  • Research legislative bill “backgrounders” that we can use to inform and educate our members and audiences about the impact of pending climate legislation that will underscore the importance of taking action.
  • Write letter and email copy our members can use as templates for their own letters to elected officials and media outlets (Letters-to-the Editor, OpEds, etc.).
  • Attend meetings with elected officials.
  • Write and organize online petitions.
  • Develop legislative asks for the Climate Action Now app.

Speakers Bureau

Director: Position Vacant Our Speakers Bureau is one of our Chapter’s key priorities. In keeping with the origins of The Climate Reality Project, informing and educating our community members to the realities of the climate crisis, is a central pillar of our mission. We provide climate change presentations to a wide range of audiences from schools and universities, to church and civic groups, business organizations, library patrons, and more. Our Climate Reality Leadership Corp presenters offer presentations on a wide array of topics including introductory education about climate change to more in-depth topics such as technological solutions, legislation and policy opportunities and challenges, climate justice, and ways you can take action to make a difference. The Speakers Bureau is always open to new topics – whether as a request for a presentation or as an offer to develop new topical presentation materials.

How You Can Contribute
  • Become a speaker: We need presenters to cover several different content categories and audience levels. From audiences new to climate change who need a basic overview, to more informed audiences wanting presentations that delve deeper, into scientific, economic, political, and lifestyle change solutions, for example. Becoming a presenter is one of the most powerful ways you can contribute to the goals of the Chapter.
  • Provide Speaker assistance: Not ready to be a speaker, yourself? You can support speakers by facilitating Zoom presentations: monitoring the chat, facilitating Q and A, and just being there to help solve the occasional technical difficulty that may crop up.
  • REQUEST A PRESENTATION Our bookers research and identify potential audiences and reach out to them to pitch and schedule talks with our presenters.
  • Share your presentation skills: If you have a talent for public speaking, online presentation, Zoom capabilities and more, we can use your expertise to build a more robust Speakers Bureau team.
  • Provide research assistance into new topics that our audiences request and assist in the preparation of new slide deck presentations.

Are you ready to help us take action?

Join us as we mobilize to save the planet for current and future generations.


Header Image - “Alum Rock View, Silicon Valley” taken by Elf, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0