Our Mission

The Silicon Valley chapter’s mission is to support and build on The Climate Reality Project’s mission to generate urgent climate action by educating our local community about the urgency of the climate change crisis and mobilizing our local community to immediate action. To do this we focus on developing our community’s advocacy skills, creating action campaigns and providing the tools for effective action.

Who We Are

Our Climate Reality Project: Silicon Valley chapter serves the immediate Silicon Valley area as well as areas south, east and west of our core Santa Clara County territory. Our Chapter was founded in 2018 by Karen Nelson, one of our current co-chairs and by Susan Gilbert-Miller, who at that time was the Sustainability Director for Santa Clara County. Since 2018 the chapter has grown from a dozen people attending our first meeting to more than 300 members in 2022. Given our location in Silicon Valley, we have a large percentage of members from the high-tech industry which provides leadership and expertise that is well adapted to legislative and policy efforts and provides a deep understanding of climate science for education and advocacy purposes. We take actions that span a wide range of issues and take many forms, including educating the public about climate change, advocating for legislative and economic policies that support a sustainable future, and taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to inspire our members and our community to take strong climate action and to create self-sustaining impacts at the local, state, and federal level.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Our chapter is fortunate to pull a diverse set of members from our community and in the last two years our membership has become more diverse. We continue to strive to expand our diversity, knowing that by including underrepresented voice in our community, we become stronger, smarter, more creative and innovative in our work to defend the climate and save the planet and ourselves.


Chapter Chair: Adam SweeneyExecutive Team Leader: Glen GarfunkelCommunications & Marketing Co-Directors: Deborah Warner and Bob BrightburnLegislation & Policy Co-Directors: Glen Garfunkel and Adam SweeneyDecarbonization Action Director: Elaine Lee

Are you ready to take action?

Join us as we mobilize to save the planet for current and future generations.


Header Image - “Alum Rock View, Silicon Valley” taken by Elf, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0